Viral Video! Priyanka Chopra Cousin Mannara Gets Sudden Kiss

mannara chopra Hot video

A video featuring Mannara Chopra, cousin of Priyanka Chopra, has gained significant traction on social media owing to her distinct appearance. The video captures an instance where the actress was seen at an event, promoting her upcoming Telugu film. During this event, an unexpected incident involving Mannara and the film’s director unfolded, leaving everyone taken aback.

Mannara’s Film Promotion Endeavors

Mannara has come into the limelight due to her active promotion of the impending film, “Tiragabadara Saami.” With zeal, she has been participating in promotional activities and recently graced an event alongside her team and the film’s director, A. A. Ravikumar Chowdhary.

Mannara’s Graceful Reaction

While the paparazzi documented the event, Mannara and the director posed together. The unexpected occurred when the director planted a kiss on Mannara’s cheek, catching her and those present off guard. Despite the surprising gesture, Mannara managed to maintain her poise and responded with a composed smile, concealing any immediate reaction.

Public Reaction and Backlash

As the video went viral, social media users swiftly expressed their opinions. The director faced criticism for his action, with some perceiving it as a potential publicity stunt. The incident also triggered discussions about the work environment in the industry. Amidst it all, Mannara’s demeanor continued to be a subject of admiration and speculation.

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