Vanish Mode on Instagram: Steps To Turn Off

vanish mode on instagram

Have you heard about Vanish Mode on Instagram? If yes, then it’s good. But if you don’t know then understand it as a great way to increase safety and privacy while chatting on Instagram. The complete details of Vanish Mode on Instagram are mentioned below. Along with this, we have also shared tips regarding how you can turn off the vanish mode on Insta. 

Why did we choose this topic? This is because Vanish mode is easy to turn on. You can accidentally turn on this mode. But when it comes to turning off the vanish mode, then the problem begins. Without wasting time, let’s begin

What is Vanish Mode on Instagram

If you want to understand simplythen it is just like disappearing messages in WhatsApp. Vanish Mode is a feature available on Instagram that allows users to send messages with a disappearing feature. With this feature, users can send messages, videos, and photos in a direct message conversation. 

In WhatsApp, there is a time for disappearing messages but in Instagram when Vanish mode is on, the message disappears instantly once it is viewed by the recipient. Once the recipient sees the messages and then closes the chat, the message is gone. Isn’t it a cool feature? 

The best part of this mode in Instagram is that, in this, the disappeared messages can’t be recovered back. And in case, if someone tries to take a screenshot, then the user will be notified

Best For Privacy

The Vanish Mode on Instagram can be turned on anytime when a user wants and also it can be turned off as per the requirement. Sometimes, you want extra privacy for your conversations. A “Vanish Mode” feature offers that by automatically disappearing messages after they’re seen. 

It’s also a matter of convenience. Turning on Vanish Mode eliminates the need to constantly delete messages or rely on the “unsend” feature (which isn’t always foolproof). This adds a layer of security and peace of mind to your chats.

How to Turn Off Vanish Mode on Instagram

Now comes the main point how to deactivate or turn off the Vanish Mode on Instagram? It’s an easy one but for those who don’t know how to do this, it’s a tough task. If you have activated the Vanish Mode accidentally and now want to turn it off, then you have to swipe up once. For better understanding, follow the steps mentioned below: 

> Open the chat or message

> You will see a text written at the bottom of the chat “Swipe up to deactivate vanish mode”

> Do the same thing and your chat will be turned to normal. 

> If you want to activate it again, then follow the same step again. 

If you have any question related to this or want to know anything other, then feel free to comment below.

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