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Reliance Jio 1299 is a Budget Plan For Year: Free Calls, Data & SMS

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Are you looking for a Reliance Jio budget plan for a year? If Yes, then Reliance Jio 1299 prepaid plan is the best one to choose. This plan of Jio offers free calls along with data usage and SMS. It also offers validity for 336 days, which is almost 11 months of validity. Well, this is not only the yearly plan of Jio, but there are many more. Check out all the details of the Jio 1299 plan here.

Reliance Jio 1299 Plan Details

Calls: All calls in the Jio recharge plan 1299 are free. The calls to Jio numbers are free and unlimited, and there is no restriction. While for the non-Jio numbers, there is a FUP of 12000 minutes. All calls, whether it is local, STD, or roaming, are free.

Data: Talking about the data benefits in plan 1299 of Jio, the users will get a total of 24GB of data. After the usage of 24GB of data, the speed will reduce. But users can also avail of data vouchers in case if they need extra data.

SMS: In this plan of Jio, users will get a total of 3600 free SMS. These are sufficient if you don’t use SMS so much.

Validity & Other: Pack 1299 of Jio offers 336 days validity. Along with this, there is a complimentary subscription to Jio Apps too.

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