Online Community, YouTube has updated its website with some cool access features for the creators which are basically focused over the comment section only. Now with the new update, creators would be able to take good watch over the comments and also they would be one who decides which comment will come first and which one will be shown at last.YouTube Update

YouTube has always been strict on the creators side when it came to spreading “quality content”, obviously that’s the only reason that makes it world’s second largest search engine after Google itself. But this time it seems like YouTube is in mood of shedding some extra features to creators themselves which were at first not provided to them. With the new update, now the creators would be able to judge which comments to pin to the top of the comments section so that it displays first and which to pin at the very last of the comment box.


This serves as a means of showing fans what kinds of comments creators appreciate the most and it also helps in highlight important aspects about the video rather than those most liked comments that are just another troll to demoralize the creator.

Now, any comment can be reacted with a heart icon to show some love and appreciation but this won’t change the order of appearance of the comments, instead will add a heart icon next to the loved comment.

Another great move by YouTube is that, now the creators are going to have different colored comments so as to escape confusion, also the verified creators would now be having a blue tick instead of the grayish one provided by the firm.


There is also a beta feature that is still under development and creators can ask for its implementation over their channel. The feature lists inappropriate comments in a moderation list before showing them in the comment box so that the creator can decide which comment would be shown and what not.

These new updates seems a good move by YouTube to ensure that a high quality content moderation level is maintained.


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