Those Facebook users who have not registered themselves for the upcoming presidential election can now enroll themselves to vote through Facebook Messenger, but this is not for all as this service is at present provided to US Citizens only. For other regions this at “facility at ease” present not available.

In-Depth Analysis

As a responsible citizen it’s our duty to vote for the person who is going to be on the top to govern us but many of us fail at even registering themselves for the elections and this could be due to the heavy lines or some personal issues but for the US citizens Facebook has got even this covered.

Facebook lets you Register Yourself to Vote if You’re from USA

According to Mashable, Facebook has recently launched GoVoteBot with the help of Ad Council, a US-based non-profit public service organization launched. The GoVoteBot which is an automated tool within Facebook’s on the go chatting service, Facebook Messenger is designed to make it easy for those ballot casters without the registration IDs being created to get registered and know election-day logistic information.

GoVoteBot’s work is not only limited to making your work easy and hassle free but is also to provide some amusement scene to you. Dzu Bui who is the Vice President of Campaign Development at Ad Council stated about GoVoteBot, “It has a bit of a cheeky personality. But it’s completely nonpartisan — it has no opinion on who you vote for,.”

vote via Facebook

It’s simple to connect with the bot, to do so one has to just send a greeting message to which the bot will reply with some drop down menu listing all the facilities available to the user and the user can then proceed further with the service it wants to avail. The facilities available at present are, a polling location finder,absentee options and most importantly registration options and links.

This poll will surely encourage the younger generation to vote for their new President.

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