Xiaomi announced that it will be taking part in the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 at Las Vegas. The “Apple of China” will be participating for the first time in CES and showcasing new product. Xiaomi has declined to comment on the product type or specification as of now. The first CES took place in New York City in June 1967. Since then, thousands of products have been announced at the yearly show, including many that have transformed our lives.

CES  2017 will commence from 5 – 8 January. Generally all technological companies announce their latest innovative products in the global market during CES. Innovative products from all facets of tech, from audio, wireless, drone to vehicle technology, virtual reality, sensor etc. are exhibited. CES is a very important event for understanding the hottest trends in consumer technology.

For 50 years, the CES has been the launch pad for new innovation and technology which are changing the world. It is the gathering place for all tech firms that thrive on the business of consumer technologies.

Xiaomi to launch some products at CES 2017
Xiaomi to launch some products at CES 2017

International CES showcases more than 3,800 exhibiting companies. This includes manufacturers, developers and suppliers of consumer technology hardware, content, technology delivery systems and more. It is a conference program with more than 300 conference sessions and more than 165K attendees from 150 countries.

For the first time Xiaomi will debut at CES and announces some exciting new products that indicates its innovation and future readiness.

CES features products — and the companies that create them — from consumer technology markets, including:

CES 2017 - Product Categories

CES 2017 Exhibit Hours:

  • Thursday, January 5: 10 AM-6 PM
  • Friday, January 6: 9 AM-6 PM
  • Saturday, January 7: 9 AM-6 PM
  • Sunday, January 8: 9 AM-4 PM

We hope that Xiaomi may announce a next generation tech innovation that changes the lives, yet we are not so sure. We will keep tracking this story and keep you updated.


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