Xiaomi has developed a new mechanical keyboard that is made up of all metal and is called the Wyatt Meter. The company has earlier this week leaked about launching their own mechanical keyboard and today they finally released it.

In-Depth Analysis

Chinese Smartphone making giant, Xiaomi has today announced their own all metal aluminum base mechanical keyboard in China. According to a report by GizmoChina, Xiaomi was earlier this week boasting about some mechanical keyboard about to be launched and it seems like this was the one about which Xiaomi was talking.

Xiaomi Mi Wyatt Meter- A Mechanical Keyboard
Xiaomi Mi Wyatt Meter- A Mechanical Keyboard

The keyboard has been named as the Wyatt Meter and is said to be made by some subsidiary of Xiaomi that is unknown as there’s no Xiaomi logo present over the keyboard.

This is not the only product launched by Xiaomi without their own branding; Even the Mi Notebook Air was the one without any Xiaomi logo.

Looking at the keyboard anyone can state that it may be too costly but when it comes to price, Mi took great care and priced it at CNY 299 that comes up around Rs. 3,000 which is a fair price for all metal aluminum bodied mechanical keyboard which is having six layers of design with 87 keys along with TTC Red Switches which are capable of withstanding up to 50 million hits as per the company’s claims.

This doesn’t end up the specs here, the keyboard would also be coming equipped with an STMicroelectronic master chip along with 1000MHz refresh rate which is capable of providing about 1ms response time and 11 key presses without any possible mechanical contradictions just to make sure that the user’s hands don’t ache on prolonged typing sessions.

Mi backlit Wyatt Meter Mechanical Keyboard

When it comes to backlit feature then the keyboard is more than just being backlit, the keyboard comes up with around 3528 LED lights that can be configured to 6-levels of brightness which makes it viable to be used over gaming sessions or late night works.

There is also a micro USB point integrated on the laptop for providing connectivity to it.

The keyboard is listed on the crowd funding website of Xiaomi and the shipping for the same would be starting by 29th November.


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