Caller identification app, TrueCaller has recently come out with a new update for its iOS app, and this was an update that was announced to match the functionalities of its Android counterpart. But the app doesn’t works the way on iOS the way it does on Android devices, the reason for it explained here.

TrueCaller update for iPhone devices is mainly focused on bringing the same level of work-ability as it does on Android devices.  As soon as you receive a call on your android phone and have internet connected to it, you can see who that caller is and where he belongs to (even if he’s not in your contact list) which greatly helps Android users in ignoring annoying calls.

This feature even after being present on iPhones doesn’t work flawlessly and the reason behind is that iOS comes with various restrictions first hand that makes the app conflict.

TrueCaller for iOS

For this feature to work flawlessly over iPhone devices it is necessary for both the devices to have the latest version of TrueCaller installed on their mobiles along with a fresh copy of iOS 10 installed, which clearly cuts out 40% of the users straightaway as according to a recent stat report by Apple, only 60% of the iPhone users are using iOS 10 over their devices.

Second problem is that both the parties should all have a 3G/Wi-Fi capable Smartphone (iPhones below iPhone 4s are left out straightway with this condition) without which the app won’t function properly. Lastly the dumbest requirement is that both the iPhones (caller and the receiver) should be having the app running so that the app works properly.

TrueCaller on iOS

All this was explained by a representative of the firm and he also stated that without these necessary prerequisites, the app won’t be functioning as it is claimed to work over iPhones. This leaves the users with no option but to manually search for an unknown number in the app.

If Apple wants these kind of apps to work flawlessly over its devices then it must allow apps to get some required access to its operating system, the way Android does.


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