Social Media Networking Application, WhatsApp has finally geared up to launch video calling for all off its users. After launching the update for Beta Programme subscribers, WhatsApp video calling is now available as a stable release to everyone ranging from Android to that of iOS users. The update can be downloaded by the user on the App Store according to their operating system.

WhatsApp video calling now for everyone

WhatsApp always wanted to compete with every other social media application; this can be easily judged by the sequence of updates the application is bringing. Firstly it launched Snapchat like doodle feature for its users so as to attract more of the user base and now launched Video Calling feature to the base app to scrape out more of the customers.

It is very obvious that by launching this feature the talked about application has surely gained some more of competitors which excel in this sector, like Skype, Duo and Apple’s FaceTime. To make use of this feature Android users can head over to the person from their contact list they want to call and click the phone icon next to the displayed name of the recipient and by clicking that the application will put two options in front of the user, one of “Voice Call” and other of “Video Call”, choosing the other one will start the video calling experience of the user.

How to Use WhatsApp Video Calling

For iOS users the things are pretty simple, they just have to select the contact and by doing so they will find a “camcorder” icon besides the name of the recipient and by clicking so they would also be able to make use of video calling over WhatsApp.

Now many of the users are going to shed off third party applications for video calling causing revenue loss (little bit) to a lot of firms.


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