Seems like WhatsApp is in no mood to abide by any guidelines Delhi High Court issues against WhatsApp’s new Privacy Policy, to recall everything there was an order by Delhi High Court to social media giant WhatsApp to delete all of the collected personal information of everyone before September 25th . The order also stated to delete personal data collected of even those who opted out of the new “Privacy Policy” after accepting it unknowingly.

In-Depth Analysis

WhatsApp Rejected Delhi High Court’s Order to Delete all User Data: Report

One of the WhatsApp Spokesman Anne Yeh had a talk with Mashable about the same and stated, “The ruling has no impact on the planned policy and terms of service updates.”

The company also stated that they will keep on sharing data with Facebook instead of following the order given by Delhi High Court.

To be precise, the recent updates were made to work on September 25th and to keep their word about privacy the firm told users that their chats are “end-to-end encrypted” but what about out other personal data ? Is it encrypted or just ready to be laid to Facebook to further sell it to Ad- agencies and let them do the work?Delhi High Court

You should know that the data shared by our devices to WhatsApp and then further to Facebook starts from device’s location data, device data, email IDs, phone numbers, contact details, when you were last seen online and doesn’t ends here.

And with this new privacy policy update they are “allowed by you” to take as much data to their servers as they want to and supply it to Facebook for “productive uses”. This means your privacy is on stake and who knows for how much time WhatsApp keeps this “end-to-end-encryption” active and for how much time even our chats are safe.


We all know even German Government asked WhatsApp to delete all user data whether it was allowed by the user or not but for this too WhatsApp is planning to appeal in Germany.

According to a stat over 100 million active users are there who use WhatsApp in India and there are 35 million active users there in Germany.

Tip: You can check out Telegram if you are concerned about security.


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