Social Networking giant WhatsApp is planning some cool new features in the upcoming update of the IOS version of the application. The users would positively be seeing the app update in their I phones with the release of IOS 10.The upcoming version will be featuring some cool new features including Siri API, lock screen access, and rich notifications.

WhatsApp to bring new features to iOS 10
WhatsApp to bring new features to iOS 10

What Are These Cool WhatsApp Features?

Talking about Siri API first, the Siri API support will allow Siri to send messages and make calls (audio and video) to your contacts using WhatsApp. This topic was the heavily debated topic at WWDC.

After this update Siri will also be able to do some of the automated tasks that were at first limited to Microsoft Cortana only.

IOS 10 will  now be coming with the ability to now interact with notifications and apps on the lock screen now enabling the users to reply to messages directly from the lock screen.

Upcoming WhatsApp version for IOS devices will also come with address book integration to enable quick messages and calls from the contact details page itself making it much easier to communicate with the other person.

Looks like WhatsApp thought to utilize force touch of Apple devices in a better way in the last feature; this feature will allow the user to access recent contacts from their chat list by force touching the screen.

Enough Of IOS, What’s In There For Android Users!!

Some new WhatsApp features  for android User

For Android users, the company has already launched an updated version for their Beta users in the Play Store which includes Drawing tools for any given photo, allowing you to doodle on the image before sending it to the person you’re chatting with adding the fun quotient while chatting Also the beta version includes the new forward picker which separates the contact list into two lists. The top portion includes the most frequent contacts and the list on the bottom include the address book in the device.

The stable version of this app will soon launch for general public too.

It must be noted that to use the latest beta version of WhatsApp on your Android device you must be a Beta Tester.

To become a beta tester go through this link :


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