Social Networking Application, WhatsApp has updated its application’s Beta version with Two Step Verification option which allows users to set a pass code for their mobile number which they will be requiring every time they register over WhatsApp with another mobile. This feature is in testing phase and will surely be appreciated by privacy appraisers when it hits the stable release.WhatsApp adds Two Step Verification in Latest Beta Update: How To Enable it?

First, added by Gmail in their free email service, now the same has been provided to Beta testers of the social media application which can be availed by installing the latest WhatsApp Beta version 2.16.341 from the Google Play Store. Two Step Verification is a an additional security feature which adds a feature to the existing application that allows the user to set a pass code for their registered mobile number which would be required every time the user tries to register over the application with the same number hence securing the mobile number from those who might accidently get access to that particular person’s mobile number and try to install WhatsApp over their device, this would stop this malpractice as the user would be needing an additional pass code to do so that would be known to original user only.

WhatsApp  Two Step Verification

This feature is at present available to Beta Testers only for testing purpose but no doubt; this feature would surely be appreciated by security lovers when released on the stable release.

How To enable “Two Step Verification” over your WhatsApp Account

follow these steps:

PS: These steps would only be valid for Beta Testers or those who have beta version installed, you can download the same or by joining application’s Beta Testers Programme.

How To enable “Two Step Verification” over your WhatsApp Account

  • Open your account and head to settings tab
  • You’ll find a new option named “Two Step Verification”, Click It
  • After clicking the same, you would be asked to enter a pass code, enter it and in next dialog box reenter the same and click next ( Note: Remember the pass code as this will be asked every time you reinstall the application over any device)
  • Now type an email id, this would be used to recover your pass code if you forget it
  • Reenter the same email id
  • Press Done and you’ve set “Two Step Verification” over your mobile number


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