We know that Flexible Smartphones are not a far off thing but we always thought that how the components inside a battery going to bend as if the Smartphone will bend so as the battery will and we all know batteries are prone to blasts if mishandled but it seems like Panasonic has took care of this and developed a Flexible Lithium ion Battery.

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The Future of Batteries: Flexible Lithium ion Battery by Panasonic
The battery referred to here is of 60mAh which is surely not powerful enough to even power a feature phone but at least Panasonic has made the path for “flexible batteries” before any firm could. This battery would be suitable for wearables, smart clothing, and many other smart devices that require less power. According to Panasonic their new battery can be bent repeatedly into a radius of 25mm and even twisted to an angle of 25o at max safely and the battery won’t be affected, still able to perform its charging and discharging characteristics.
The battery would be coming in 3 variants for now, the starting one being of 17.5mAh and the last one having the capacity of 60mAh. People would be able to actually see this battery come live at CEATEC JAPAN from October 4 to 7 respectively.
Coming over bendable mobile phones, the concept may be vague at this time but after watching “bendable batteries” come true, we can say that the day is not far when we will able to fold our Smartphone more of like a handkerchief.

flexible batteries cycle
Samsung is preparing itself to launch two devices with bendable screen by 2017 as per reports. One of those according to the reports would be able to bend into half while on the other one there is no news available at present.
There is also a news that the above mentioned Smartphone would be of 5 inches when folded and when unfolded it will become something around 8-9 inches(approximate value).
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