Porsche has partnered with Uber to provide free rides to everyone coming to its event called as The Gentleman’s Edition which would be held at the company’s Center located in Mumbai like every year. People would be able to drive actually drive a SuperCar during that event.

In-Depth Analysis

It is a dream of every guy out there to buy their own Supercar but leave behind the buying thought; some of us can’t even get to drive it only for a few seconds! But what if I tell you that this dream of everyone of can come out to be true, not the buying one but the one in which you would be able actually drive the car?

Porsche partnered with Uber

Unbelievable right but that’s true, According to a report Porsche is offering free rides to everyone coming to its yearly event named as The Gentleman’s Edition that is going to be held at the Porsche Center located in Mumbai. The automobile company has partnered with Uber for these rides. Uber, the renowned taxi service is India is going to provide totally free Porsche rides to people during The Gentleman’s Edition event featuring in Mumbai.

Now there’s no terms and conditions here, If you are heading to The Gentleman’s Edition then open the Uber app between 2PM to 4PM on Sunday, October 16, and request for ‘SUPERCARS’ on the slider and soon a Porsche will arrive to pick you up for the event.

Uver's Porsche offer

The two Supercars that you can get from Uber for ride on Oct 16 are the 4 seater Porsche Panamera and the real beast named as the Porsche Cayenne SUV.

It would be sad to hear that it’s only happening in Mumbai but wait and think which automobile company even allowed working class to even “test drive” their cars? No one right, but Porsche is doing so and if you really want to drive one then you can surely book your tickets right now for Mumbai.

Happy Journey!


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