Volta Zap is a Made In India bicycle that is said to be offering 60km of mileage on a single charge and would be costing the rider around 7 paisa per kilometers. The bike would be costing 35,000 Indian Rupees but is considerably quite cheaper than the bikes found out nowadays.

In-Depth Analysis

At the India Gadgetz Expo (IGE) 2016 there was an electric bicycle listed named as Volta Zap that caught everyone’s attention. The bicycle is a crossover bike with a rechargeable battery and is made by a Chennai-based Indian Startup. The company claims the bicycle to be able to cover around 60 kilometers in a single charge which ultimately will cost the rider around seven paisa per kilometer which is way less than what we pay daily whether being on our vehicle or a public transport.

Volta Zap - electric Bicycle, Made in India

Coming over the price of the Volta Zap, the bike would cost you around 35,000 Indian Rupees as per company’s listing making it a lot more expensive than other bicycles but is a lot more cheaper than the bikes nowadays that one hand cost a hefty amount to or pocket and on the other hand doesn’t even provides us the proper mileage too.

According to the company, the Volta Zap can be operated without having the need of even peddling it making it more convenient for everyone. The battery that the bike carries is of 3KGs and can be used as a powerbank too to charge your smart devices like Smartphones, Tablets etc.

Volta Zap feature

Also the bike comes up with the universal charging facility and an LED notification panel too.  There are different modes for night riding as well as day riding. The body panels of the Volta Zap are also customizable according to the user’s demand.

The bike is a fully “Make In India” initiative and should be supported if we can as the developers are “struggling hard” to raise funds for the project.


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