Volkswagen has unveiled a 4 seater at this year’s Detroit Motor Show which they believe is a microbus for the future. The car is called the I D Buzz that will be having an all wheel drive, 111 kilo watt hour battery and electric motors will make the 369 horsepower car’s wheels turn.

Volkswagen's microbus

The car will be friendly with an Inductive Charging Interface (ICI) and a Combined Charging System (CCS), which would be having a total charging rate of 150 kW. The car design has allowed automobile engineers to easily create a rear wheel driving variant that has 268 Horse Power with a smaller 83 kilo watt hour battery, which basically means that the VW is offering a lot and still has space to make changes if need be.

The I D Buzz has been made fully autonomous and hence a simple finger tap will let you push back the unusual steering wheel back in the dashboard, thus making more space inside. The car has been built with 2 different battery and drive models. The 83 kWh battery is made with a real wheel drive, like the cars that we usually drive and the 111 kWh battery, with an all wheel drive. This is important as per the place you stay, .i.e. whether close to the city or far away from it.


The I D Buzz is VW’s first fully autonomous, self driving electic car. It can be charged upto 80% in 30 minutes and can run for 480 kilometers on that charge. Another interesting feature is the windscreen. It serves as an augmented reality display screen, by projecting navigational instructions for the road ahead. The LED headlights that it has can mimic human eye gestures.The driver’s seat can be turned around to face back seat passengers in when the car is driving on its own.


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