Intel Inc. has reportedly acquired a VR startup named VOKE VR which specializes in providing immersive sports video experience. However, the financial terms about the deal are not disclosed but it is being said that VOKE VR would become a part of Intel’s Sports Group.


Computing Giant, Intel has come into news for acquiring a sport based VR Startup named that specializes basically in providing immersive sports video experience. The name of the startup hereby referred to here is VOKE VR and is said to become a prominent part of Intel Sports Group which is a new sports division off the firm.

Nothing has been revealed by Intel on the deal’s financial terms by now and we don’t even expect it to release them. According to a report by TechCrunch, VOKE’s sports broadcasting technology is being eminently used to broadcast NBA games in the United States and the same is being used to broadcast Kabaddi tournaments here in India.

VOKE VR acquired by Intel

VOKE is much acclaimed for a product under its hood named as TrueVR which is a stereoscopic camera based VR meant for recording LIVE experiences from the user’s end and comes equipped with software which helps it to transfer the recorded content from one device to another.

 James Carwana, who is the General Manager at Intel Sports Group stated, “At Intel, we’re building a broad portfolio of best-in-class solutions to deliver new, immersive sports experiences for athletes, fans and content producers.”

VOKE to work under Intel Sports Group
VOKE to work under Intel Sports Group

Intel is reportedly pushing it harder and harder in making merged reality a common field in consumer technology and by merged reality I mean to state a reality where you are present mentally but not physically and VR boxes are meant to perform the same thing.

According to Intel, It was always their dream to bring LIVE action to the subscriber without him leaving the room and by the acquisition of VOKE; they are nearing to making it happen for real.


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