Flamboyant billionaire entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson’s space company VirginGalactic’s Spaceship 2 has successfully completed its second flight. What is really amazing about this is that it is a reusable machine, which is very rare in Space flight technology.

Virgin Galactic’s Spaceship 2

An earlier version of the SpaceShip 2 was not as successful as the current Spaceship 2. It was a disaster as it crashed and let to the death of a co pilot Mike Alsbury and fatally injured the other pilot Pete Siebold. This was a major setback for the Virgin group and it was a tough time for Sir Richard Branson.
The VSS Unity, which was launched after that, had more safety features to prevent another crash. It finished its first successful flight two weeks ago and this helped Virgin Galactic gather important information about completing a flight safely, navigating through the air, choosing better space parts, etc.
Sir Richard Branson believes that all their objectives need to be met before they move on to rocket propelled flights. He believes that this can happen after 12 – 15 test flights, which would be sometime in 2017.
Virgin Galactic still has a long distance to cover as far as commercial flights are concerned as there is still a lot of technology that is still not up to date and needs to be worked upon for a seamless journey and finally towards space tourism. This is why there still isn’t any outline for future tests or for the final commercial flights. Despite this, Virgin Galactic has managed to receive over seven hundred bookings for flights aboard the Space ship two. Each seat on the Space ship two costs about $ 250,000, a quarter of a million dollars, and it may just be possible for these people to make their first journey after about this time next year.


  1. Fatally injured Pete Siebold? You might want to ask Pete about that. He was injured, but is alive and well. Where did you get your facts? Did you make up the whole story or just this part?


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