San Fransisco based multi billion dollar online tech transportation company Uber, has decided to move its fleet of self driving vehicles to Arizona. It had launched self driving vehicles in San Francisco, California, but they were taken off the streets as the California Department of Motor Vehicles suspended the permits of all the self driving vehicles, as they did not have the proper permits to operate them.

Uber moves its fleet of self driving vehicles to Arizona

California defines an autonomous vehicle as one which has the capability to drive without active physical control or monitoring or a natural person. The California Department of Motor Vehicles specified that a special permit was required to even test self driving vehicles on the streets of California and as Uber refused to take these permits, they had no option but to revoke the permits of these cars.
It believed that they did not need to get those permits as a driver was continuously behind the wheel of the car, monitoring the situation at all times and hence the car is not technically driverless.
The company has done this test in Pittsburgh and was hoping to do this next in San Fransico. With California refusing to allow this, Uber has moved to neighboring Arizona and it was actually given a warm welcome by the Governor of Arizona.
Uber reiterated its commitment to working in Arizona and will be working towards getting a clarity on all rules for California. Uber has 16 California registered self driving vehicles.
Governor Ducey of Arizona has spent a lot of political capital in getting Uber in Arizona and a team has been developed to determine how the industry should be regulated when they become fully automatic.It is believed to be transporting 9 self driving vehicles, but Uber is yet to confirm that story.


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