Online Cab Booking Service, Uber has implemented a new mode of appreciation to their application that is named as Uber Compliments. With Uber Compliments, you can compliment your ride with a lot of badges rather than just giving a rating in between 5 stars where 1 star meant too bad and 5 meant excellent. This move by Uber seems amazing too as now you can point out the areas where the driver played an excellent role and also mark up those points where he still needs to work hard. It can be anything from amazing music onboard or a lively and comfortable ride, Uber has got everything covered in Uber Compliments.

uber compliments - different badges

This move is also appreciable as the driver gets instant notification on his home screen about the badges he received from his last ride so that he can try to improve himself on the same points in the next. The compliment is sent in the form of a “badge” which the driver can access later on a dedicated screen to check which aspects he still needs to work on.

UBER  - rider compliments

This move by Uber by involving Uber Complements is an amazingly thrilling move as this will build a hunger among the drivers to collect more and more o the badges so that they can get future increments showing their service track records. Although at present there is no news about the financial benefits of collecting badges but there should be some financial benefits as it will keep the drivers motivated  and stuck to the firm in the longer run as no one would collect badges just for “fun”.


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