The micro-blogging social networking site Twitter was thought to be finally being acquired by the cloud computing giant, Salesforce but even it kind of mocked down Twitter and backed off from making a final bid to the deal. This much rejections that too in a month has led a major strike back to Twitter’s reputation.

In-Depth Analysis

Earlier this month Twitter was the hot topic and still is but now for the wrong reason. Earlier the social networking site was in news because finally after Disney, Facebook, Google and Microsoft’s rejections the cloud computing giant, Salesforce was going to buy it for sure, but at the end something happened that made even Salesforce back off from making its final bid to the deal and this led the website be in news again but for the wrong reason and that reason was “How a “So-called” social media giant is struggling to get itself a buyer”. This was a big strike to Twitter’s reputation.

Twitter is not getting buyers due to it's reputation

But do you know why Twitter is finding it difficult to get itself a buyer? The reason doesn’t lie in the rejections but the reason for the rejections is the only reason why no new buyer wants to acquire this social media website.

According to Disney and Salesforce’s statements, both of the firms backed off from buying the social media giant because of the “abusive” and “mockery” nature of the site. We all know how Twitter leads to big social issues and it won’t be wrong if I say, “I wrong Tweet can change your life too”.

People use Twitter to mock others, harm others, make PJs and even social media fights are fought there only.

Twitter’s Reputation is Making Potential Buyers Back Off from making a Bid

This is the reason no new buyers want to put hands in buying this website.

Even if Disney would have bought Twitter then it wouldn’t be more than the worst mistake for them as all the racist, sexist mockers of Twitter would’ve spoilt Disney’s image and the same goes for Salesforce and other firms too.

Now it’s Twitter’s call to first get its image cleaned and then think of being up for sale.


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