Bigg Boss season 10 has been aired on the national television this week and looking at the hype it is in, the social networking website Twitter had already introduced an Emoji for the same so that all those tweeting about the show may express their feelings in a better manner.

In-Depth Analysis

This week on Sunday we saw the 10th iteration of the celebrity oriented Reality Show, Bigg Boss being aired on national television and it is already in hype since its released. The hype has gone this far that the users headed up on the micro-blogging social networking website, Twitter to show their love for the same and all this ended up with around 1,11,000 tweets on Bigg Boss’s premiere night only.

This was stated by Twitter in a statement.

Twitter Bigg Boss emoji

To appraise the reach of Bigg Boss and to gift their fans something special, Twitter ended up releasing a Bigg Boss Emoji on the same day i.e. Sunday so that users may use the same to express their love for the show.

Viral Jani who is the Head of TV Partnerships at Twitter India, stated, “Each year, we raise the bar with ‘Bigg Boss’ and introduce viewers to new innovations on the platform, and the first-ever Bigg Boss emoji will add to the excitement of Season 10 and delight fans across the globe.”

To just recall, we all know that Bigg Boss is the Indian localized version of the much famous Reality TV Show, “Celebrity Big Brother”. Everything is same with this one too as even this show features celebrities locked up in a house under constant camera surveillance with other housemates and are given tasks to perform in groups that the will lead celebrity who wins with a level up status and an easy escape from elimination.

Bigg Boss 10 host Salman Khan

This season would be with a new twist as now half of the housemates would be “Common People” and half would be the “Celebrities”.

Even this season is hosted by Superstar, Salman Khan and talking about the Emoji then it would be there for the whole of the season.


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