Best Cloud Storage Applications for Android and iOS : Today the world is moving forward towards the digital era and so are we, today people are storing less on the phone and more over the cloud mainly because of one reason – PRIVACY! The cloud services in the present scenario provide best in class security to your data and it can be accessible only by you from nearly any device and this cover the second reason that is the portability of data.

The third reason for usage of cloud storage is quite simple; people today tend to buy devices with lesser storage options mainly because of two reasons, one reason being the higher storage variant of the same device would have cost lost more to the user, hence making the device out of their budget and second reason being the trend going on in Smartphone Industry that makes the device into metal unibody that only accepts sim card to provide minimal and classy look hence leaving very few options for people that have expandable

Best 7 Cloud Storage Applications for Android and iOS

While there are thousands of cloud storage services present for Android and iOS users, we are handpicking the best 7 out of them that excel in every possible way leaving no trace of hassle for the end user. Some of the storage solutions are free while some come with an additional fee! Choice is yours!

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  • Box


Box tops our list of the “Top 7 Cloud Storage Applications For Android And iOS Users” because of the level of popularity and area coverage this service has got. Box is available in almost every nation hence shedding off your tension of losing access to your files if the particular cloud storage service is not present in the nation you are flying to for any purpose. Box is basically known for its enterprise level cloud storage solutions and deals mainly with enterprises only but those who are looking for high level security for their day to day files can choose this too as Box offer free 5GB storage option to general public too. The users can sign up over the application and avail the free service benefits from Box. With this service, users can share files and folders with other Box users and not only this, users can also create external links so that their files can be shared with those who don’t use this service. There is also an ability to keep track of who viewed or downloaded your files which again adds a cool factor to the service.

  • Dropbox


Dropbox is a well-known and an established brand name for cloud storage solutions for both enterprise and home based users. Dropbox also comes under one of the safest cloud storage provider with the ability to lock all your data if you ever lose your device making your data safer than ever. One can flip through photo albums, can edit and share important documents, and email attachments straight from their Dropbox account only. Dropbox is quite low on the storage side providing only 2GB of storage for free users but its advanced or paid plans are quite reasonable. If you are very much concerned about your data then even Dropbox is a sure shot option for you.

  • Google Drive

Google Drive

It would be stupidity if I would state Google Drive as “just a cloud storage solution” as it provides perks more than that. Google Drive is less of a cloud storage solution and more of a productivity platform for its users. With Google Drive, users can have access to photos, documents, videos and other important files. Also, the user can make their files offline making them accessible even when the user is void of network connectivity. The User can edit spreadsheets and documents over Drive and not only this; he/she can even add contributors to it to help him/her out in doing so. Google Drive provides its users with the ability to store 15GB of data on Google’s highly secured cloud based servers. This is ideal for users who want to store variety to data under one hood.

  • MEGA

Mega cloud storage

MEGA is a cloud-based storage service from Mega Limited. MEGA fits its name very well as it really provides “Mega” storage to its free users. With MEGA users have the ability to store around 50GB of their data on MEGA’s cloud based servers which sounds pretty unreal but we can’t do anything of it, MEGA really provides high end security to its “free as well as paid” users and also gives their users an opportunity to store around 50GB of data on their cloud servers. Talking about the features, then like any cloud based service even MEGA users have the ability to browse files, create folders, upload and download files, search and even share external links to those who still don’t use this service. For those looking at massive storage MEGA is the best spot.

  • Cubby

Cubby Cloud storage option

Cubby provides storage solutions to its users, providing them the facility to store important documents, pictures and movies. The user can make Cubby folders over one device and access it from the other or vice versa. Also, these folders can be shared from one Cubby user to other, leaving the hassle of sharing individual files behind. Free users on Cubby get around 5GB of free Cloud storage which makes it a good choice for those who want to try their hands on another cloud service while using their main one.

  • SkyDrive/OneDrive


OneDrive, formerly known as SkyDrive is a cloud-based storage solution provided by Microsoft’s secured Labs. With OneDrive the user can make new files, edit them and can manage them on the go on any device. Users are also provided with the ability to store their personal data including pictures, videos and important files over this storage service. The users are given a limit of 7GB of free cloud storage after which Microsoft charges according to the plans chosen by the user. The plans are reasonable but according to me even 7GB from a firm like Microsoft is enough for day to day use. The users are provided with an option to upgrade to paid subscription anytime.

  • SugarSync


SugarSync can be stated as a “modern age” and “simplest” cloud storage solution ever made for Android and iOS users. While using this service the user can access their files, search for them, and can even share his/her documents, photos, videos and music with other by making public links which can be shared over social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. With SugarSync, one can share large files hassle free. SugarSync allows the user to upload multiple files over the cloud while streaming music over the same application. For social media enthusiasts (which we all are someway), SugarSync is a must try even if it only allows storage capability of 5GB to free users.

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