Social Media has grown way farther than anyone off us would have thought, now it’s not about only teenagers and kids using it to chat with their friends but having a social media profile has become a mandatory quotient for anyone who is living in this world if he wants to stay connected with everyone. Looking on it from the professional side then having a nice and decent looking profile page could lead to a lot of prospective clients and employees.

Whether we use it to walk around cracking jokes or for business talks, we can’t deny with the fact that social media has really changed our lives. Here we whole heartedly present you with a list of “Top 5 Social Media Applications for Android And iOS Users 2016” so that you know where you are going to maximum engagement.

  • Facebook


Everyone on the social media platform must have visited at least once in their life. It is the easiest social media platform website you would ever get your head into. Facebook provides you with the facility to create your profile with your photos and your detailed bio-data giving brief information about who you are to others. You can “Add Friends” or “Follow” them, send a message or just poke them. You can express yourself to the world by writing a status on your “Timeline” or can just express your feelings to one by writing on that someone special’s Timeline. You can also post images and videos for your friends or can just show how you are doing in “real-time” by going “LIVE” over the site. Facebook is a lot fun when visited over the application but it doesn’t gets limited over their website too.

Facebook is available for nearly every platform available from Windows, iOS and Android to Symbian based devices too.

Pros Of Using Facebook

  • One can easily share photos, videos or articles to his/her friends or followers
  • One can write messages to his/her friends over the application
  • One Can create a business page over Facebook that too for free

Cons Of Using Facebook

  • The user has to download a separate app to chat over Facebook and the app name is Messenger
  • Adding an administrator over your business page can be very difficult over main app forcing you to download another application meant for it
  • The application updates every week causing inconvenience if you don’t update it frequently.


  • Instagram


Instagram is a photo sharing platform acquired by Facebook a few years back. Instagram differs a lot from its parent company’s application. You don’t need to create a detailed profile over here to connect to others, instead you are required to enter only a short bio data about yours and you are good to go. Instagram is a photo and video sharing platform where you can’t just express yourself in words, you have to post a video or a photograph depicting what you need to express. Instagram gives you an in app editor to edit all your photos before posting them over the application. People can like your post by double tapping over it and can even comment to express themselves; you also have a direct message option now which was not present there in initial versions.

You can use Instagram for both personal and professional uses, personal usage include clicking a picture of yourself and your cat and showing it off to the world and the professional usage include sharing information about your products to your clients and prospective audience. Instagram has also included new stories tab that lets you reach more and more of audience as well as publicly shared stuff you might be looking for, extending your reach to whole of the Instagram community which consists of around 300 million daily users.

Pros Of Using Instagram

  • Ability to edit photos directly in the app
  • Facility to comment and like photos and videos of others
  • The person can privately message his/her friends

Cons Of Using Instagram

  • People can’t mock their locations as Instagram doesn’t allows it
  • No feature to upload just text statuses making it uneasy for some
  • Pinterest


Pinterest is not just a social networking application but people also use it to plan their home based events or use it for getting DIY based ideas to imply over their weekly college projects. Pinterest basically work as a “virtual” cork board, the same as you get in any institution but those are physical, this one is virtual. You can scroll through the app to find yourself photos attached to the articles of your interest which can further be pinned by you to your own account. You can also create different boards based on your different interests like foodings, novel reading etc.

Pinterest can also be used to gain business exposure as through it you can gain mass audience if used with the right tags over your photos.

Pros Of Using Pinterest

  • Post your photos online and watch others doing so
  • Ability to bifurcate the boards according to your interests
  • Getting DIY ideas for projects and other things

Cons Of Using Pinterest

  • Hard to use for first time users
  • You are not allowed to change the order of boards of interest
  • Favorites can’t be moved to the top
  • Twitter


Twitter is a sure shot destination for businesses to promote themselves; if you’re not there then being anywhere else won’t be of much of usage. Twitter has a really different kind of audience, full of people ready to accept something new which is “informative and useful”. You can gain a lot of news and information on Twitter before it hits anywhere else. Like Instagram, here too you are allowed to update your short bio only but here you can upload your pictures, videos as well as text statuses too. The length of text statuses is limited to 140 characters only which makes it difficult for beginners to express their feelings in that less words. You can search for anything in the search bar to find people and topics of your interest. You can also like, replay and even retweet tweets from your followers so that your words are not left unheard.

Pros Of Using Twitter:

  • Helps you boost your business reach and lets you connect with people sharing the same interests as you
  • Helps you in getting daily news before anyone else
  • Photo sharing and linking is quite easy


  • Twitter requires daily engagement to keep your followers with you
  • Difficult for beginners to express themselves in 140 characters
  • Twitteratis can be annoying sometimes to beginners
  • Snapchat


Snapchat began its journey as a totally discrete way of sharing “private” material to others because it didn’t last longer. But above from that Snapchat has also emerged as an interesting way to show your online presence. You can draw over anything you share from a photo to a video that are going to dissolve forever anyways when the receiver reads it or views it. Also, the video length is preset at 10 seconds which might be less for some but is enough to have fun online when you get the freedom to share anything without the fear of privacy breach, however we don’t encourage sharing private materials in any way and neither Snapchat does. Speaking from a business’s point of view, businesses can create a profile page of them and share day to day updates to their consumers ranging from product information to showing something real stupid related to some employee, Snapchat makes it a lot easier to privately keep your consumer engaged.

Pros of Using Snapchat:

  • Videos don’t last longer than 10 seconds and are discrete of their origin
  • Can add fun texts and captions to both videos and pictures with a little touch of onboard Emojis
  • You can send private messages to your friends and consumers over Snapchat

Cons Of Using Snapchat:

  • Snapchat comes with a lot of ads making it real irritating for users
  • To use Snapchat you will need an active Wi-Fi connection available
  • Users can play or view a photo and a video only once, replay is not available

With this I am ending my list of “Top 5 Social Media Applications For Android And iOS Users 2016”. Hope you liked it, and if you liked it then you must share your views in the comment box as well as let others know about this article.


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