Let’s accept the fact that gaming reduces stress and all the tension goes in bumping some car drivers or shooting some zombies. Whether you love PVP or Simulation, gaming segment is having games for every kind of genre. But what to choose from the huge list of games that is unending and probably would never end?Best Android Games 2016

I know you might also be thinking of this question but don’t worry we at Intabloid have taken care of even this for you all. I personally tested the top listed games of 2016 on Google Play Store and shortlisted these 5 android games to be included in my list of “Top 5 New Android Games Of 2016 That You Must Try Once”.

Top 5 Android Games of 2016

This guide is meant for Android users but even the iOS users can give these games a shot as these are also available of Apple Store.  I’ll surely come with a dedicated guide about “Top 5 New iOS Games Of 2016 That You Must Try Once” but today let’s just read this one.

  • DC Legends

DC Legends

I myself am a diehard fan of Marvel and as well all know Marvel DC fans don’t go well with each other but believe me, this game will change your perception towards DC Characters if you ever hated them. This game took too long to come out as other big franchises like Star Wars and Marvel (I love it) already released their games long ago, but all the wait is worth the game play offered. The storyline is neat and is as amazing as it sounds. Here you get the chance to build your own team full of the best DC heroes/villains and send them out to fight for you. Here you have no limit on putting heroes on one side and villains on others, you can even team up Batman and Joker together!

You get the chance to upgrade your character’s abilities in order to make them win the game for you. So, if you ever wondered how The Joker, Wonder Woman and Dr. Fate would team up together then this game is worth giving a shot.

  • Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre

Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre

Ever saw Mucha Lucha the amazing retro TV show? If you didn’t then you have missed one of the biggest hits that made kids fall in love with the traditional Mexican professional wrestling. I always was fan of this and always wondered if I would ever get a chance to relive that feeling. To my surprise I landed over Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre which not only satisfied my craving for lucha libre but also increased it to the most!

The game introduces you with three powerful wrestlers from which you can choose your one and then straight away launch them in the air so they can tear up an evil chef’s edible army. The animation is the game is fantastic and the in air action that takes place is breathtaking amazing!!

And much like any heroic game you always get a nerve-racking final boss for you to save the world from. Download this game right away because Burrito Bison, Pineapple Spank and El Pollo need your HELP IN SAVING THE WORLD!!!!

  • Asphalt Xtreme

Asphalt Xtreme

We love the Asphalt series for their unmatched gaming experience and deadly graphics but what if I tell you that you are going to get all this with no limits and no boundaries that too with loads of modes to choose from so that you never get bored and that too from the same franchise? Would you go as breathless like I got while typing this line!!!! Well another big hit from Gameloft touting the Asphalt franchise ahead is the Asphalt Xtreme that comes up with total dirt and off-road racing for you to exploit as much as you can. There is a varied track selection for you to come up and shed dirt over the opponents and race through rain with different types of trucks available in the shop.

You get to choose from all type of Muscle Cars, Buggy, Pickup, Rally Car, SUV or Trucks so that you can make use of the track as much as you want that too without any limits!!!

The game UI is beautiful, the multiplayer segment makes as an additional bonus to the fun and you’ll never grow tired of it as Asphalt Xtreme is packed with tons of modes for you.

This mobile racer is totally different from the general segment making it a must try for all the racers out there.

Come On Racers, Gear Up!

  • Galaga Wars

Galaga Wars

Bandai Namco is love as it always ports old retro styled hits to the mobile platform for us to relive our old memories. Much like the Pacman and a few more of the 80’s retro gaming contemporaries have been given a new hope towards life, Bandai Namco came back with another big hit revived for the Mobile platforms. I am glad to watch those alien ships  again on my mobile device ready to be squashed giving me the feeling of the only hope towards mankind’s safety.

Galaga Wars brings back that entire addictive bug hunting in space action we all loved. We are now having all those Bees, Butterflies, Scorpions and that ship capturing Mother Galaga that too in the most dangerous format possible. Well, why are you worrying captain? You’ve got an amazing ship that wipe off all those bugs and lead you ahead f your journey without any doubt on your playing skills.

All the old school game lovers as well as the new schoolers would love the game alike as the game promises to allure both.

  • Cube Knight: Battle of Camelot

Cube Knight: Battle of Camelot

Okay now this is SERIOUS!!! The King Arthur the Ruler of Avalon has been cubed! I know I must not say this but I just can’t stop loving the cube format again and again!!! This game promises to stay ahead of majority of the well hyped games as this game brings in the true gaming experience!

In Cube Knight: Battle of Camelot, you gear up as a legendary hero in his protective armor and boots who must seek out the most powerful of weaponry in order to move ahead. The game is fun as well as quite tough for easy peasy players. The trail towards the Holy Grail is tough but I believe you can do it for the sake of pure fun!

You have the option of fighting as “Cubed” King Arthur or the other Knights of the Round Table. You can adopt different character classes, equip legendary weapons, battle against countless foes in the Coliseum and much more as the possibilities are never ending.

The Island Of Avalon looks prettier and all the credits goes to intelligent graphic designing and presentation. Everything sets up in its place and there’s nothing to worry about than your throne!

So, gear up my warriors, Island Of Avalon needs you!

So, here comes the end to the list but the fun has just started! Pick any game you like as I have tried to cover every genre possible. I guess playing these games will surely bring smile over your face as it did to mine. Let’s meet up next time with another list.

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