Telegram has been the first priority of tech geeks and security concerned people as it provides best in class “uncompromised” security to your chats and when talking about features, we are having numerous of them including option to make your own bot which might not be amusing for a day to day user but for a tech savvy it’s much like a dream come true.

Now, adding to this catalogue there is one more new update rolled out in new Telegram app update which is an extension to what bots could do in the application.

Telegram Presents Bot Games in New App Update: Report

Presenting Bot Games- Telegram

At first bots were able to send you regular information as well as multimedia if you subscribe to them be it any sector, there are bots for everything present there on Telegram store but now bots are capable with the ability to be converted into a game too which is a great addition as it will open more doors for developers to put their hands on in “attracting” new users with their work.

There would not be any dull games but the games will be in made in HTML 5 programming language and would be allowing the user to play games as well as chat simultaneously. This is not limited to only personal chats but users can entertain themselves in group chats too as gaming feature would also be available there in group chats.

To play games all you have to do is enter @gamebot’ in chat and a dropdown list of all the available games will show up from which you could choose. Under the @gamee tag there are around 30 games at present and more are to be added in future as per the aspects.

These 30 games are more of an initial stage games and are at present on basic level only but with this new feature addition we can expect much better games made by third party developers real soon.

Telegram update brings bot games
Bot Games on telegram

The game possibilities include not only arcade, puzzles but there is possibility for multiplayer 3D shooters and real-time strategy games too. This is a clear indication towards how serious Telegram is about this new update.

With future updates there would also be the ability to challenge your friends over games but at present with the 30 available games all you can do is wait for the developers to come and develop something worth exploiting.

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