A Smartwatch prototype that uses the wrist wearing the watch as the joystick to perform all the touchscreen gestures has been developed by a team of researchers. The watch interface has been made for Smartwatches keeping in mind that the other hand should be left out to perform other tasks and all the tasks should be able to be done with one hand only.

In-Depth Analysis

When we use a mobile phone it’s a bit difficult to use it with one hand that becomes more difficult if it’s a Smartphone and that too of above 5 inches display that has become the common ground of development for today’s generation Smartphones. To counter this problem the new Smartphones come loaded with a “one-handed-mode” that makes it very easy for us to use our device without any hassles that too with one hand but what about other devices? Like Smartwatches? We can’t use a Smartwatch with the hand wearing it right? But what if I say that even for the Smartwatches there’s a prototype so called one-handed-mode type thing being made?

A Team of Researchers Developed Joystick Interface for Smartwatches

According to a report a team of researchers named as WristWhirl had made it possible for us to use our Smartwatch with one hand and that too the one wearing it by inventing a joystick interface for the watch which uses the hand wearing the Smartwatch as a ground to perform all the touch screen gestures leaving the other hand free for other tasks.

Xing-Dong Yang who is the Assistant Professor Of Computer Science at Dartmouth College talks about the new joystick interface stating, “This shows what Smartwatches may be able to do in the future, by allowing users to interact with the device using one hand (the one that the watch is worn on) while freeing up the other hand for other tasks.”

Joystick interface developed in a smartwatch

And he’s true too with this watch interface your other hand would be real free as the watch uses gestures with your hand to perform every possible task over the watch hence no need to even touch your device.

The whole details about the project will be presented at the ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology in Tokyo on 19th October 2016. Till then it is being tested on various groups of people that are being asked to test the device by making several hand gestures and the device seems to performing good even in the tests.


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