Third-party keyboard application, SwiftKey, has declared a noteworthy redesign for its Android application, which includes neural network innovation for better word forecasts. The organization asserts that this makes it the primary versatile mobile keyboard to be controlled by an AI. The new form of the application can be downloaded by means of the Play Store.

In its official blog, the company stated, “For the first time since we launched SwiftKey Keyboard six years ago, we’ve rebuilt SwiftKey’s language engine from the ground up using the power of neural network technology – the first instance of neural networks being used locally on a smartphone. This gives you more accurate and useful next-word predictions, saving you time and (hopefully) adding a little fun to your typing.”

SwiftKey now powered by Neural Networks
Screenshot from the official blog of SwiftKey

SwiftKey claims that the keyboard will now be able to meaningfully capture relationships between words. The company gives the example an incomplete sentence, “lets meet at…” With the old ‘n-gram’ model, it would only look at the last two words when giving word predictions, which in this case would be words like moments, same, etc. The new technology takes into account the entire sentence, and hence users will see more relevant options like airport, office, etc. Further, the new technology can also understand that “let’s meet at the airport” has the same sentence structure as “let’s chat at the office.”SwiftKey for Android is now powered by neural networks

“In October of last year, we announced the release of SwiftKey Neural Alpha, the world’s first neural network-based keyboard. We released it as an early experimental prototype on SwiftKey Greenhouse, and were thrilled to see such an enthusiastic response from users. We’re excited to announce that from today, this next-generation technology is available in SwiftKey Keyboard for Android, as an update on Google Play.”

The improved keyboard will initially be available in US English and UK English languages, but the company has said that other languages will be added soon.


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