Depending too much over technology pays back, according to the final reports of a survey being done, it is being said that cyber crimes grew at a rate of 969% in China in between the year 2014 to 2016. The reason to these cyber attacks is said to be the new technologies implemented in the households that are vulnerable to cyber hacks as they remain connected to the internet all the day.

The global average of Cyber hacks is 13 per day and in china itself it was shown 7 a day out of 440 respondents to the survey. But, amusing this here is that worldwide the number of attacks fell by 3 percent in last two years and by 2015 it was down by 30 percent, on the other hand it kept on increasing in China.

Survey Claims that Cyber Crimes in China Grew 969% from 2014 To 2016

Marin Ivezic, who is a partner on cyber security at PwC in Hong Kong stated, “IoT devices, in general have not paid attention to cyber security, In China and Hong Kong … we have more adoption than anywhere else in the world”. China quickly took part in Internet of Things (IoT) and due to this became vulnerable to cyber hacks the most.


Last month itself, Chinese made webcams were the reason to form loopholes to invite botnet malware that caused a massive cyber attack over the US causing many websites to crash at the same time, also the system was temporarily paralyzed for a moment.

The survey however done couldn’t track the origin of all the malwares as told by Marin it is “impossible” to the core.


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