Everybody loved Mario and there was no second option to even think of in front of Nintendo games when it came to console gaming. And keeping this legacy alive Nintendo games are going to bring the Super Mario Bros franchise to the iPhone 7 with a game called Super Mario Run. iPhone users would love to see Mario ready to be downloaded in the iOS App Store as they’re getting after 9 years of continual demand for the same!

Super Mario Run coming to iOS
Super Mario Run coming to iOS

This year we also witnessed a game named Pokémon Go and on the same concept Super Mario Run would be and the thing to be noted is that Pokémon Go uses IP address licensed from Nintendo itself.

The After Effects Of This Announcement

Even after the announcement of Super Mario Run to be released in the Apple App Store, the shares of Nintendo got a rapid increment in value in the share market hence increasing the market value of the firm.

The thing that needs to be noted is that Super Mario Run is not going to be a Nintendo exclusive game and the game will soon make its way to the Android Market as soon as it gets the valuable response from the IOS users.

The Main Reason Behind Nintendo Making its Way Out To Mobile Market

Super Mario Run
Super Mario Run

The Father Of Modern Gaming Shigeru Miyamoto revealed why Nintendo is trying to enter in the mobile gaming market and the main reason behind this is the success rate at which Pokémon Go is making its way into almost every Android as well as IOS device.

With around 1.5 Billion Downloads till now Pokémon Go made even old Pokémon series again popular among children.


Nintendo and Sony were the only dominants of the console gaming marketplace before the even mobile gaming started and to continue this legacy Super Mario Run is going to be Nintendo’s Ace.

It’s time to see that whether Pokémon Go will be staying in the market or Super Mario Run will be able to gain that special space again that it always had in every child’s heart.

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