Western Digital has started its very own SSD (Solid-State-Drive) range starting from $79 to $299 and would be available to only “select users” for now. Western Digital is a computing giant famous for its durable and trustworthy storage device ranges.

In-Depth Analysis

Storage Pioneer Western Digital had finally launched a range of SSDs after 5 months of it acquiring another Digital Storage firm, SanDisk. SSDs of Solid State Drives are those drives which are much faster than your contemporary HDD (Hard Disk Drive). While SSDs functionalities are similar to that of HDDs, there are still some differences, unlike the moving parts present in the hard disk drives, SSDs do not consist of any moving parts which is the only reason of naming them as solid state drives. Also, Instead of storing data on magnetic platters, SSDs store data on them using flash memory.

Storage Pioneer Western Digital Starts Selling SSDs too

Also unlike HDDs, the SSDs don’t fragment data into various pieces and keep it into one so there’s no need of defragmenting thee data before transfer and hence faster data transfers are possible while using Solid State Drives.

Coming over Western Digital, the new products are similar to that of the previous generation drives but the functionalities have some changes. Also Western Digital stated in a report that they would still be selling Hard Disk Drives and the introduction of Solid State Drives or SSDs doesn’t means that other products would be shut down. It is “just an addition to the product line up” WD stated.

Also the colorful My Passport range of drives would still be there for sale and would not end up at present until next report comes.

There are two ranges of SSDs launched for now, The Blue One and the Green One. The Blue drives are only for “select users” and are available in 250GB, 500GB, and 1TB capacities priced at $79 for starting unit of 250GB to $299 for the end product of 1TB.

Western Digital selling SSDs now

Talking about the “entry level” Green drives, they would come in 120GB and 240GB variants but nothing has still been stated about the pricing of the drives.


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