The “under crisis” social networking site Twitter seems not to be finding any buyer as even the rumors of Google, Salesforce, Disney and Apple buying Twitter remained just rumors, but a report has came stating that Twitter is again in buyout talks with Salesforce that was first speculated to have bought the social networking site.

In-Depth Analysis

According to a report published by New York Times on Monday, Twitter has reportedly stated in a statement that they are still in buyout talks with the California-based cloud computing firm, Salesforce.

We’re still in Buyout Talks with Salesforce said Twitter

The report stated that there are two sources in the debate as well but they are anonymous to New York Times too. The talks are still in continuation even after investors started taking their investment back from the cloud computing firm after the new broke out of Salesforce acquiring Twitter. The shares of Salesforce had gone down by 5 percent till date due to the news.

Twitter was not able to grow its user base with time even though it added many “interesting” features to its site like live streams of political debates and of sports games as well. Even after introduction of these features the only thing that happened was that the site was losing even its existing user base. The website was never capable of even coming near to the growth of its rival sites like Facebook, Snap (formerly known as Snapchat) and Instagram.Twitter in talks with salesforce


The shares have dropped down by 11% on Monday which came down to more than 20 percent on Thursday this week. The social networking site also told its “potential buyers” that it wants to wrap up the negotiations as well as the full dealing by October 27th positively.

On the whole matter Twitter was reluctant to comment further and even Salesforce representatives didn’t utter a single word.


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