Spotify has launched a new app for Samsung Smart Television range that allows the user to use Spotify over their Smart Television. The new application is nothing new in terms of usage and is going to function the same way it does over other platforms.

In-Depth Analysis

Popular music streaming service, Spotify has reportedly launched a new app for Samsung smart televisions that does the same work the old app does but the twist here is that previously there was no app for Samsung Smart TV range by the music streaming service. The app is not that much good as the original Spotify app but what’s exciting is that this application promises free music streaming to every user whether he’s a paid one or a free one.

Spotify's new App for Samsung Smart TV range

As we all know to take full access to Spotify one need to buy monthly subscription but with this app users would be able to take experience of each feature that paid users do on their Smart Television By Samsung.

But unlike paid users the free users would be watching some annoying advertisements with their favorite songs, this move by the firm could be said to either earn money or could be said to increase its paid user count as who loves annoying ads in between their favorite songs?

We all know Spotify is available everywhere from Smartphones to even streaming sticks like Roku, Google’s Chromecast, Apple TV and others.

New Spotify app for Samsung smart tv's

However, it limits access to apps on TVs to paid Premium subscribers only but with this move one would be able to enjoy free music with some free annoying ads!

All you need to have is a Samsung smart TV launched in between 2015 to 2016.

This move by Spotify is surely going to help them very much and the users would also be able to enjoy decent music on their Smart Televisions too!


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