Social Networking Giant, WhatsApp inc. has reportedly featured a new update in its messaging application that brings some cool and funky abilities to the app that are able to spice up your chats even more from now on. The new update notably brings the drawing as well as “Emoji on pics” feature to the messaging application that was at first launched in Snapchat years ago.

Why WhatsApp Introduced this Feature in new Update?

WhatsApp Brings Emoji in Pics Feature
WhatsApp Brings Emoji in Pics Feature

Seeing that vast demands by their users on their social media handles demanding to bring the draw on picture feature on WhatsApp too, they decided to finally have it in their backpack and now it’s there officially launched for their public users. Earlier it was seen to be updated in the beta application last month but now it’s finally released.

In this update there would be new Emojis that are going to be used while drawing over pictures as well as videos. Twemojis, The stickers that are currently used by Twitter and Snapchat are being used in this update as well.

Twemojis are the stickers included in the sticker pack made by Twitter Open Source and is available for use by any firm under an MIT and Creative Commons license.

Not only this but users would also be able to change the font style size and alignment too while sending their multimedia to the recipient. Same is the case with stickers as well, the users can pinch too zoom the stickers, align them accordingly, apply multiple stickers onto one multimedia and so on.

Also with the new update sending same message to multiple chats is now possible which was really needed as sometimes we need to send same message to different people but had to do it again and again for each and everyone which was irritating.

WhatsApp new emoji in pics feature

Also the front facing screen flash is also live for public users now, earlier it was on beta update only.

This new addition to the social media platform of WhatsApp is going to make things go even worse for Snapchat’s already drowning boat.


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