An alarm clock is listed on the crowd funding website, Kickstarter which can do all the works you ask your Virtual Assistant for like asking it to play a song for you or tell you the date etc. The clock is named Bonjour which means “Hello” or “Good Day” in French.

In-Depth Analysis

According to a campaign, a project is asking for funds that seem to be amazing but dumb as well at the same time. On the website there is an Artificially Intelligent (AI) analog clock is listed that is capable of “making your life easier and more luxurious”. It gives you the charm of having both an AI powered device as well as cool alarm clock. The Bonjour clock is capable of doing everything you ask your Google Assistant or Alexa or even Siri to do. It tells you the date, plays songs for you and even warns you about traffic jams. You can hook it up to the security system of your home and watch your clock control your Smart home too.

Bonjour - alarm clock

But the idea seems a bit vague as who will carry his alarm clock with him while on work? Or who’ll drive with it to meet his loved ones and then ask the same clock to play some romantic music? Now you know why I called this project “dumb” in the first place.

According to me, Bonjour should’ve struck right back to be just being a “Smart Clock” and shouldn’t have thought to enter the market just to compete with the Google Assistant and the other similar ones as they are well in their work and obviously no one needs a clock that smart.

Bonjour is a smart clock

Anyways the developer has worked hard on it and anyone who wishes to contribute to his Smart Clock can do this by just going to the following link so that this project doesn’t get dumped.


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