As we all know Skype is a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) software that helps users connect with each other using internet, Skype has been there since any other firm didn’t even thought of this technology and mighty Microsoft owns it.

Now, according to a report, It is being stated that Microsoft has been giving some scenario studies as well as demonstrations on how to use Skype for Adhaar verifications.

Skype Can Be Used To Authenticate Adhaar Cards: Microsoft

It is not a speculation or any rumor but is a direct news that Microsoft is keen of having Skype being used by Indian Government for verification process of Adhaar card  which is a social security number (SSN) made to be assigned to every Indian citizen.

Chairman at Microsoft India, Mr. Bhaskar Pramanik stated “We have presented various case scenarios on how Skype can be used. We already support iris authentication on Windows 10. Now it depends on them how they want to proceed”

It is also been seen that Microsoft is also working on collaborating with the Andhra Pradesh Government for controlling high rates of school drop outs in that area.

How Is Microsoft Helping Control High Rate Of School Drop Outs In Andhra Pradesh?

Microsoft skype

The company is reportedly said to be using data analytics of human nature that how many students dropped out of school in previous years and what were the reasons, how many reasons are left unsolved and how it may affect this as well as next year’s drop rates.

Not only Andhra Pradesh is keen to have this project being enabled in their area but it is also reported that Punjab has also signed up for the same.

It has also been seen that Microsoft comes forward in the betterment of our nation and with these efforts many lives will be enhanced in this collaboration occurs, also this drop out control measure off applied in every state will help a lot of parents to educate their children a better way.


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