Shazam has recently launched a stripped down version of its popular Music Discovery App named as Shazam Lite. Shazam Lite is said to be taking lesser storage space than the former one, also it will take lesser data and can run over slower networks too.

Surely this stripped off “Lite” of the app is made for those areas where proper network connectivity is not present and people rely over slower connections for their day to day work. For those places using Shazam to find a tune running over is like a big no because already the tune is running and if the network is slow even Shazam refuses to identify the song which ultimately ends up in losing a customer.

What’s New In this Application?

Shazam Launches Shazam Lite App for Slow Networks: Report

There’s a bit of a perk added in the lite version by the app makers. The new perk lets Shazam save the search results for future use in case you wish to revisit them you don’t need to turn on your data connection as this app even works without network connectivity for saved results.

The application size is also a plus point as the app size is less than 1MB and the exact size is 700KB to be precise which is very less than the size of the pictures we upload on social networks in our day to day life.

The app makers that the application should reach maximum people and made it to support devices running on even Android 2.3 which makes it sure that no one remains left out just because of their device’s Android version.

Where The New App Is Going To Be Available For Now?

Shazam Lite App

For now Shazam focused on getting this app launched only in areas where network connectivity issues are, the countries where the application launched for now are: India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Philippines and Nigeria. The application is launched in English and there’s no news about its translation being done in native languages.

They are focusing only on emerging markets and that’s why there’s no iOS version for the same as basically these markets don’t use slower network.

Ps: I already downloaded the app and trust me it works like charm.


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