According to some reports, a Prosecutor office in Pennsylvania has to pay a sum total of around 1400$ worth of Bitcoins as a ransom to get their system free from hackers. The name of the now shattered hackers group is said to be the Avalanche Network.


A local prosecutor office down in Pennsylvania is among those hundred of victims of a now-shuttered international cyber crime operation. The office had to pay a sum of 1400$ worth of Bitcoins to the hacktivists group to free up its infected computer network. This report was officially released by the authorities on Monday.


Strange is that at first, even the Federal agencies were unaware of the exact location of the affected state government entity which was later confirmed by the Allegheny County district attorney, Stephen Zappala Jr., as his office.

The name of the hacktivists group is said to be “Avalanche Network” which is now disabled by the European Union and U.S. authorities whose announcement was made last week by the authorities.

The Avalanche group was working since at least 2010 and had infected at least 500,000 computers worldwide, according to Soo Song, who is currently acting as the U.S. Attorney in Pittsburgh.

She added, “The takedown of Avalanche was unprecedented in its scope, scale, reach and level of cooperation among 40 countries,”


Basically, Avalanche was a network that was there to distribute malware to people who wanted to buy it in order to infect the computers of people and businesses. There were two types of the malwares, one which stole money from computers by stealing banking details so that people known as “money mules” could transfer funds from those victims to overseas banks. The second category was the one that affected the Prosecutor Office which is termed as Ransomware, which locks up a computer network until the victim agrees to pay a ransom to the person behind it.


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