Central Bank Of Russia Loses around 31 Million  in Cyber Attack
pic: Central Bank Of Russia

According to the latest report, Central Bank Of Russia (Russian Central Bank) saw a bank heist broadly terming as a cyber attack on Friday that cost them around 31 Million US Dollars. The sum amount was stolen from correspondent accounts at the Russian Central Bank.


The way cyber crimes are escalating, I doubt the safety of common men as this is the second biggest Bank Robbery of 2016 after Bank Of Bangladesh lost a big sum of money from hackers that was around 81 Million US Dollars submitted in a New York Fed which was after that retrieved to an extent, the authorities are still searching for those who were involved in transferring those funds by using the SWIFT bank messaging network. According to the latest report by Reuters, The Central Bank Of Russia was hit by cyber robbery on Friday this week costing them a loss of around 31 Million US Dollars. The money was laundered or “stolen” from correspondent accounts at the Central Bank Of Russia.

Russian Central Bank got hacked

Central Bank Official Artyom Sychyov stated further about the cyber attack stating that the hackers tried to steal around 5 billion rubles. The bank also released an official statement on the same in which they stated how the hackers managed to break in their system by using fake login credentials and then managed to leak the money out. Everything has been explained in great length in the report.

It’s pretty obvious that by now all the bank representatives around the world have been asked to fill up their resources against cyber crimes as the rate of these is increasing causing great monetary as well as a great loss to goodwill of the nation.


Russia has also stated on Friday that it had uncovered a plot by foreign spy agencies to create a situation of havoc in the nation by faking bank robberies and releasing the same fake news about banks going bust out.



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