So it’s been a while when Samsung saw its one of the biggest premium flagship device “burn” into flames almost everywhere it got sold. Watching this Samsung called up for a recall programme, calling back every Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices and offering full refund in place of the mobile or a “safe” replacement to the users opting for still continuing with the device and demanding a replacement.

All this was then blamed on a battery supplier from whom Samsung purchased batteries for Note 7 for the mishap and named it as a “blunder” committed by the supplier itself.

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All this was now under the coffin and rarely anyone talked about this matter, Samsung also planned to launch the next flagship device earlier than the planned launch date to gain the lost goodwill among its users as well as potential buyers who now fear more to buy from such an amazingly “blasting” mobile company.

But what really took this matter in highlight again is not only one more blast but what is hilarious about this blast is that the Note 7 that blaster this time was nonetheless the “safe” Note 7 by the “safe” supplier of Samsung in China.

Safe Supplier? Who Is The Safe Supplier Here?

The firm didn’t told about the manufacturer that produced the faulty batteries that caused this mayhem but according to sources it is being said that the supplier was no one else than Samsung itself. This means Samsung is blaming itself for all this and we can’t deny with this too.

But the “Safe Supplier” which supplied devices to China that didn’t exploded and were not eligible to be replaced is known and its ATL (Amperex Technology Limited). According to the firm the batteries by ATL were completely safe and were “blast proof” but due to in a recent news again a Note 7 blasted pinting questions towards even those Note 7 that are in China and are supplied by the “Safe Supplier” of the company.


What Samsung and ATL has to say on this topic is what will make you both irritated as well as laugh, they stated that this event occurred due to “external heating” applied to the device but the reason of this external heating was not explained.

This clearly shows how serious is Samsung on this topic. Feel free to share your views on the same in the comment section below.


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