We all know that due to the recent blast issues Samsung Note 7 users were affected really and by the recall and shut down of the former device they were even more of affected but it seems like even Galaxy S7 users are worried of it and to calm them down Samsung is constantly telling Samsung Galaxy S7 users that their devices are not affected and are fully safe.

In-Depth Analysis

Samsung seems to be calming down their other “7” series customers and let me clear that to you why this is happening. As we all know the Note series was affected only coming on the 7th device and it was not the only one device that saw 7th installment in 2016, this year we saw even Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge launching and this is the whole reason behind the customers being in a state of worry because even this premium flagship is the 7th iteration to its range and was launched side by side to the Note 7.

Samsung telling Galaxy S7 Users that their Phones are Safe: Report

Now to solve all the havoc being created Samsung is been sending “push messages” to every S7 user as well stating that their device is safe and is not affected. There is also some statements stating that other device holders were also been sent the same message but no official report on this is still been given.

The confusion is also there because the Galaxy range is quite confusing to many people out there as even though the S7, S7 Edge and the Note 7 are different devices but their starting name is the same which is Samsung Galaxy at start and this also confuses those who despite of spending heavy amounts for their devices only know that they are the owners of  a “Samsung Galaxy” device and we can’t blame them too as not everyone is a tech savvy.

Samsung Safety Recall Message to Galaxy S7, S7 Edge Users
Samsung’ Push Message to Galaxy S7, S7 Edge Users

This move by the Smartphone firm can help them in rebuilding some of their lost goodwill among its customers as the Galaxy confusion as well the Note 7 issues are causing a lot of problems to it.


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