Samsung is planning to release some of its cool or I must say cute products to US market, these products at first were available to Korean consumers only but now they would be available to Samsung’s consumers in the United States as well.After rocking the Korean consumer market, some of the products by Smartphone Giant Samsung are going to hit the US market too. These products were at first limited to Korea only but now Samsung plans to expand it to United States too. The reason for the same is still unknown.

The first product of this list is the “Wireless Speaker Bottle“. The name of the speaker itself tells about its appearance which is sort of like a water bottle and is the same is motion controllable.

Samsung wireless speaker bottle

If someone puts the speaker bottle in a “pouring” position, the speaker’s lighting changes and if someone shakes it, the bottle instantly starts changing colors.

The second one off this list is the “Wireless Tray Charger” that is probably the most useful thing Samsung is planning to sell outside Korea unlike the odd Wireless Speaker Bottle.

The Wireless Tray Charger is capable of charging two smart devices at once. It can even charge three of them if a cable’s plugged in it.

The other devices Samsung plans to sell its US consumers include some sort of ear buds and a USB LED light which is powered by a humongous 10,200mAh battery.

The battery as usual would be sold separately and would be up on sale separately too.

Samsung korean products

The last one will be a portable wireless speaker that comes with a microphone for attending phone calls which seems to be extremely useful during bike rides for “safe” bike riding.

The reason for Samsung selling these products out of Korea is although unknown but it is being speculated that Sa,msung is doing this to shed off the losses occurred due to the Note 7 fiasco but this speculation seems total stupid.


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