According to a latest research parting kids from their toys can ultimately lead to reinforcing stereotypes. The research also stated that this thing can be found out in any kid irrespective of his/her gender.


A research that was being conducted on kids has finally shown its final results and the results states that whenever parents try to part children from their toys whether by burning them or just throwing those away leads to origination of stereotypes in kids. This is not the case with only one gender and can be found out in any kid irrespective of his/her gender.

 Limiting a Child from his Toys can Fuel Stereotypes

Elizabeth Sweet from California State University, Sacramento, US states that clues stating dominance of men in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields  and the reason why nurturing nature comes out more of in women can be found in the children’s toy department.

In a University speech Sweet stated, “When we wall off the toys that develop spatial skills or are devoted to science and say, ‘These are only for boys,’ and we wall off the toys that develop empathy and verbal skills and say, ‘These are only for girls,’ it severely limits how children develop. f kids aren’t exposed to the kinds of toys and play that help them develop those skills, they may not be as good at them over time. But even more insidious is that it reinforces the stereotype that boys are good at science and math, and girls are not. It pushes women and girls out of that field, because they think it’s not for them”


Sweet also believes that making just the color of STEM toys to pink won’t help much. She states it as a “wrong approach”. She also states that making the color of STEM toys to pink would only seed up kids mind in a wrong way making them think of girls as somehow different than boys.

Sweet stated, “Research shows that different kinds of toys help children to develop different kinds of skills. For instance, building blocks are great for building spatial skills. Playing with dolls is really good for developing language skills and nurturing abilities. All of those skills are essential for a fully functioning human,”



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