Reliance Communications has launched a festive offer for attracting new users to come and join Reliance’s network but this doesn’t means existing users would be left out, there is a special offer for them too.  According to a company statement given on Thursday, the company is launching a pack in Delhi and National Capital Region (NCR) where the users would be able to recharge with the ‘Nonstop Plan’. The plan prices are not known at present but details are, by recharging with the plan the users would get 1,000 local and STD minutes, along with unlimited calls to any Reliance number anywhere in India. This plan is for the existing Reliance users and it will sound good only if the price is not hyped up a lot.

Reliance Launches Festive Offers For Both New As Well As Existing Users

Plan For New Users

According to the statement there is something big for new users, Just like Reliance Jio here also there’s a “Welcome Offer” for new prospective customers. In the Welcome Offer the users will be enjoying full talk time, free limited data and a special calling rate of just 25 paisa per minute. The Welcome offer is further segmented as the “DoubleScoop Plan” under which these perks lie.

The prices of the plans for new users are announced and as per that, the 2G DoubleScoop Plan will be costing around Rs 141 at start which will provide users with Rs 141 worth of talktime and 5GB of data usage. Coming on the call rates, then by doing this recharge the call rate for the user would become 25 paisa per minute, all this would be valid for a period of three months exclusive of the full talktime which is without any validity.

New Reliance Jio 2G and 3G plans launched

Coming to 3G DoubleScoop Plan, this plan would be a bit pricier but the perks are same. It will cost around Rs 295 at start and will provide users with Rs 295 worth of talktime and 3GB of 3G data usage, the call rate is going to be the same 25 paisa per minute with three months validity excluding the without validity full talktime.

Looks like after JIO’s success, Anil Ambani is looking to boost Reliance as well.


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