Ransomware is a kind of maliciously coded virus that aims at blocking an individual’s computer access and also the files and important data of that particular is seized until the victim pays a defined sum of money to the hacker to get access to his computer system.

Usually Ransomwares are target towards individuals as their computer systems are not as much encrypted as businesses encrypt their computers.  But as per the report by Symantec even businesses are not left out with this problem causing a global loss of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Symantec is the firm that owns Norton which is a global leader in cyber security software. According to Norton more than 57 percent of victims of Ransomware are individuals only and this percentage raised a lot between January 2015 and April 2016.

Ransomware ss Something that You Wouldn’t Love to See: Symantec

Going in depth of the report I found out that Canada and Australia are the two nations that are widely affected by Ransomware, Talking about India, our nation is placed at 4th place with 9 percent of the total affected victims.Earlier, Quick heal also reported in increase of Ransomware based attacks.

Ritesh Chopra, Country Manager at Norton by Symantec stated, “Ransomware can vary from holding treasured family photos, hijacking unfinished manuscripts for novels, and blocking access to tax returns, banking records and other valuable documents to ransom. Moreover, there is no guarantee that paying the ransom will release those padlocks. The average ransom demanded globally by attackers also saw an upward spike this year. The average ransom demanded to date in 2016 more than doubled from Rs 19,670 in 2015 to Rs. 45,428,”

How To Stay Safe From These Ransomwares?

Ransomware : how to secure yourself

Norton stated some tips to stay secured of Ransomware. These tips are as stated in the statement “New Ransomware variants appear on a regular basis. Always keep your operating system and other software updated. Email is one of the main infection methods. Delete any suspicious-looking email you receive, especially if they contain links and/or attachments,”

Also if you want to be on the non affected side then an additional tip I would love to add is that- Avoid downloading pirated stuffs, cracks or hacks and anything else which lets you get premium stuff for free. Buy the stuff, respect the developer and stay safe.


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