Prisma was launched for Android at start of this year and till then it is getting good response from the users. It was limited to photo editing only till now but it seems like iOS users are lucky enough to get video editing option earlier than Android users.

Prisma has finally announced that the new and updated iOS application would be supporting videos too. The new updated Prisma app is capable of processing video clips of upto the length of 15 seconds and to support the video editing features there are around 9 different filters to choose from. App Developers also stated that they would be adding new filters to the app in coming days.

iOS Variant of Prisma now Supports Video Editing
Prisma now lets you add a 15 seconds video

Using Prisma is very tough when it comes to slower networks but with the new update users would also be able to edit their images offline as well it’s the same for videos too.

At present the feature is still in beta program but slowly and gradually it will make way to general public too.

Video Editing Update For Android Users?

Prisma video editing for android to arrive soon

When it comes to the talk of Android users getting the video editing update, the developer remained silent which means that no where soon Android users would be seeing their videos convert to masterpieces (as the developers state) with the video editing update on Prisma.

Talking about masterpieces, the app do create a lot of masterpieces with the help of its artificial intelligent coding that judges how much effects would be viable to create something beautiful out of the user’s image. With the new video editing support being added to the application, we can expect various people hitting online video streaming site, YouTube with their creations.

I personally never was fan of creating my pics into some “weird looking” masterpieces but for all the fans out there it’s a big thing.


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