Recently Apple Inc. introduced many new features to its iMessage App, one of which was “Sticker Feature” which allowed users to send amazing and funny stickers in their chats to make chatting experience more personalized but it seems like one of the most famous iMessage Sticker Pack (Phoneys) would shut down due to its “similar to Apple font and texture” which worries Apple now.

Meet Phoneys – The Sticker Pack that Needs to be Revamped

Most popular Apple iMessage Sticker Pack Phoneys Might Shut Down: Report

Phoneys is a sticker set that is made to replace sender’s blue text message bubble with a fake one containing some sort of funny phrase. If you had sent someone that how fat he/she looked in that dress then the user could “cover” it up with some amazing comment and that’s how this sticker pack worked.

The reason why this problem is occurring is the usage of same font and texture that Apple uses for iMessage App’s messages which might create havoc and cause serious problems to those who see “changed” or “covered up” messages in screenshots thinking of them as true.

This is a serious threat and Apple simply don’t allow “prank apps” and had asked Phoneys to either shift their font and design to something cartoonish and make it look “funny or unreal” or the sticker pack would be lifted off the message sticker store.


Although Phoneys none of the sticker seems to be inappropriate or any way could be used to make different sensed messages but Apple fears that if Phoneys not doing so then who knows which other firm comes with some “explicit” version of the same which may cause problem in the long run. That’s why they decided to stop it in the first step only.

Even this week Phoneys was there on the top of the Paid sticker category but who knows till when it’s remaining there.


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