Snapchat has been reportedly making some important changes to its application and one such important as well as time reducing new update is the “Playlist” feature. This new feature allows users to choose from what they want to watch and what not making the application clutter free again, at least for now.

In-Depth Analysis

The new update by Snapchat over their application lets users create a playlist of friends just like we do to our music so that we only hear what we want to hear rather than the excessive songs already downloaded by us over our device.

New Playlist Feature added to Snapchat Stories: Report

The new update makes the Discover feature come right under your friends’ stories. Discover, which used to feature a daily mix of text and video stories from big and verified publishers will now be showing excess stories as before it was impossible to find personalized stories over the application making it totally a region made for “Big publishers”. To make the app more personalized was the only reason of bring this update.

The next change is somewhat amusing as with this feature Snap (formerly Snapchat) used to make a lot of money. The new update stops stories to auto play and lets users to choose what they want to actually and what not to. With this “auto play” feature Snapchat used to earn a lot of money as they used to show some ads in between those “long” video stories that maximum time ended up as a long feature film rather than the video snippets we get over Instagram.

How To Create a Playlist?

Snapchat : create a playlist

To create a playlist, select your friend whom you want to add in that playlist and click their story thumbnail to the left of their name and the friend would be added to your playlist. You can hit the play button that will open up as a pop up at the bottom of the screen, ready for you to watch.

What is worth noting is that although auto play is no more but to cover its place Snapchat would be monetizing the “Playlists”, which means all the stories under this tab would be shown up with an advertisement over them.

Slowly and gradually Snapchat, now Snap is coming on the right track.


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