We all know about Candy Crush, some hate it and some love it and we can’t have a catch on anyone’s liking or disliking. What’s new going on in King (Company), the owner of Candy Crush is stated by a new “job listing” on their official website. The listing is quite amusing as it states about a new game but not in the same joner but this time it’s something which is really out of the box for Candy Crush developers.

Candy Crush Saga Developers Planning a New and Different Game: King

What Does The Listing States?

The listing as seen on their official website is, “Do you have a passion for developing awesome software? We’ve founded a new studio in Stockholm that is 100% focused on exploring, prototyping and delivering world leading Mid-Core games, being our first project a shooter for mobile.”

The company also outlined the job profile as well as the “qualifications” necessary that the candidate must be inheriting in order to apply for the same. The outlined qualifications were having knowledge of C++ programming and expertise in 3D graphics at par.

The company stated for the above as, If you are an experienced C++ Developer who likes to work in an environment where things move quickly and performance is of great importance, then King is the place for you! As a Developer at King you will take a lead on creating and maintaining our mobile games. You will specify, design, build and implement existing and new game features.”

Is This Platform Suitable For King To Exploit?

Candy Crush Saga

According to me, looking at the games King make it is very clear that they will also focus the mid range players only and not like hardcore, story lined and console focused games like Dead Trigger and Modern Combat.

The benefit of exploiting this kind of players is that, these players keep on trying new games instead of sticking on to one game because of the light weight game sizes which are usually limited to 50-60mb.

They kind of stick to only those games that they feel like playing as games in this segment are not that too great on graphics or even storyline is not worth the time. Looking at past games by King, it seems like they’ll only focus on this segment and we can only hope for the best.

May the developers of this game don’t bless this one with the “Game Invites” feature or else we’ll be having another painful application.


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