OnePlus Inc. has launched a 24 hour sale for OnePlus Gear which is not a tech-based product but company’s initiative towards stepping into lifestyle products. The firm launched various goodies that were up for a 24 hour sale on its respective web page. From just another tech-based Smartphone startup to an iconic brand, OnePlus has seen a lot of improvement and appraisal in the past three years of its existence. The firm has been a top notch producer of flagship devices and has excelled in it with every other iteration to the OnePlus series of Smartphones.OnePlus Gear


Now the firm is making its move in the merchandise industry with OnePlus Gear, as its name suggests it seems like it would be somewhat like Samsung Gear but no it’s the name of a range of lifestyle merchandise that at present have concluded for now but were up for a 24 hours sale. The list of the merchandise in OnePlus Gear range includes OnePlus Travel Backpack for $50 that sums up around Rs 3,300, the OnePlus Messenger Bag for $50 costing you around Rs 3,300 here in India. There is also a OnePlus Leather Messenger priced at $99 summing up around Rs 6600 approx, there is a OnePlus ‘Never Settle’ T-shirt for $20 costing around Rs 1,320, and finally a OnePlus ‘Dash Charge’ T-shirt at around $20 which will sum up at Rs 1,320 in Indian Currency.


As I told earlier, the sale has sadly ended as it was a 24 hour only sale but it seems like OnePlus will be back with more of OnePlus Gear soon and as per it goes for India then when I contacted OnePlus support personally then they told that at present there are no plans off launching Gear here in India but soon it may see some light.


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